What is Tampere Conversations 2022?

Tampere Conversations is a new international discussion forum where academia, political decision-makers and the business sector meet. This year’s theme is Digital Technologies: Opportunities and Threats for Security, Democracy and Economy. Tampere Conversations consists of an event at Tampere Hall in August 11–12, online streaming, expert interviews, and other related content. The event is organized by Tampere University, City of Tampere, Tampere Chamber of Commerce and the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

Whom is the event for?

Tampere Conversations 2022 is primarily aimed to politicians, business leaders, technology experts, cybersecurity professionals, and reseachers. Live event at Tampere Hall is by invitation only due to the defined target audience and limited space. Articles and other online content are open to everyone. The event is streamed by Aamulehti Newspaper, you can follow the stream at aamulehti.fi. The live stream is also available on Helsingin Sanomat website at hs.fi. 

How can I participate?

Streaming is available at aamulehti.fi. and at hs.fi.

You are also welcome to join the discussions on social media through Tampere Conversations social media channels:  


Is the entire live event streamed?

The live event consists of expert speeches and presentations, followed by a dialogue with the audience. Almost all expert speeches and presentations are streamed, discussions with the audienve are not streamed. Take a look at the live stream program here.