Tampere Conversations 2022

11–12 AUGUST 2022Tampere Hall, Tampere, Finland

Digital Technologies: Opportunities and Threats for Security, Democracy and Economy

Technology is pervasive in the lives of people. Technology has all potential to strengthen our democracies and solve global social, environmental and economic challenges, but it can also bring unprecedented threats, for instance, in the form of cyber security attacks, induced financial instability and distorted information sharing as we have witnessed during the crisis on European soil in 2022.

Technology companies are gaining more foothold in defining our digital futures. Are democratically elected governments unable to have a say in these developments? Is this purely a commercial issue? What are the consequences for human rights and equality? How about defense, foreign and security policy? Geopolitical power balance? Are disruptive technologies taking the control away from democracies? What does this mean for our everyday life?

About the Event

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Tampere Conversations (TC22) brings together those individuals who must have the insight into the opportunities and threats of this development and who can act upon it. Selected politicians, business leaders, technology experts, cybersecurity professionals, and researchers gather together to create common understanding of the risks and the opportunities of this development, form scenarios and find solutions on how to proceed.

The 8th Secretary-General of United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon is the guest of honor in the event.

The live event in Tampere Hall is by invitation only. The event will be streamed and stream online is organized by Aamulehti Newspaper at aamulehti.fi. The live stream is also available on Helsingin Sanomat website at hs.fi. Read more about the streaming here.

Discussion themes

How do future technologies:

  • impact the democratic processes?
  • shift the global power balance?
  • influence markets?
  • affect the security structures?

Take a look at the live stream program here. The working language of the event is English.

Digital Technologies: Opportunities and Threats for Security, Democracy and Economy

Digital Technologies: Opportunities and Threats for Security, Democracy and Economy

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A reminder after the very successful @treconversation: While we talk about how digital will save/destroy democracy, we forget that most of humanity lives in non-democratic societies which are MUCH more efficient at using technology for political reasons

@treconversation It was an honour 🙏 Thank you for inviting me - this was an amazing way to join this excellent new event! I’d be happy to be part of your team also in the future. #tampereconversations #TC22 #Tampere

The very first #TampereConversations has now been successfully closed. What an excellent event with such eminent and insightful speakers and panelists. We organizers ⁦@Tamperekaupunki⁩ ⁦@k2tre⁩ and ⁦@TampereUni⁩ wish to thank you all for your participation 💜

“Before economics defined geopolitics, now geopolitics is increasingly defining what is possible in economics” said General David Petraeus. Well said. Govs and businesses must reassess risk mapping, rethink supply chains and find reliable allies. #tampereconversations

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