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Tampere Conversations

Tampere Conversations is an international discussion forum on the development on digital technologies. Event brings together selected political decision-makers, business leaders, technology experts, and researchers to create a common understanding, form scenarios and find pathways on how to proceed. Event provides a much-needed forum for real conversations and meaningful networking.

Tampere Conversations 2024 consisted of an event at Tampere Hall in February 14–15, online streaming, expert interviews and other related content. In 2024 the theme was AI: Labor Market, Regulation and Productivity. The event offered an up-to-date and realistic view of the rapidly accelerating AI development and addressed the following discussion themes: Will AI destroy jobs or create completely new ones? How should AI be regulated without compromising competitiveness? How does AI affect the productivity of businesses and public administration?

The event is organized by Tampere University, The City of Tampere, Tampere Chamber of Commerce, The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, together with The University of Tampere Foundation and Industrial Research Fund at Tampere University of Technology.

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Who is it for?

Tampere Conversations  is primarily aimed for to political decision-makers, business leaders, technology experts, and researchers.

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