Event information

Tampere Conversations

Tampere Conversations is a new international discussion forum and networking event where academia, political decision-makers and the business sector meet. The first event was organized in August 2022, where the 8th Secretary-General of United Nations, Mr. Ban Ki-moon was the guest of honor. In 2022 theme of the event was “Digital Technologies: Opportunities and Threats for Security, Democracy and Economy”. Tampere Conversations offers a much-needed forum for real conversation and meaningful networking.

More information on the next event coming soon!


Who is it for?

Tampere Conversations event is primarily aimed to politicians, business leaders, technology experts, cybersecurity professionals, and reseachers. The first event was held at Tampere Hall and was by invitation only due to the defined target audience and limited space. The event was streamed by Aamulehti Newspaper.


The theme of Tampere Conversations 2022

Digital Technologies:
Opportunities and Threats for Security, Democracy and Economy

Technology is pervasive in the lives of people. Technology has all potential to strengthen our democracies and solve global social, environmental and economic challenges, but it can also bring unprecedented threats, for instance, in the form of cyber security attacks, induced financial instability and distorted information sharing as we have witnessed during the crisis on European soil in 2022.

Technology companies are gaining more foothold in defining our digital futures. Are democratically elected governments unable to have a say in these developments? Is this purely a commercial issue? What are the consequences for human rights and equality? How about defense, foreign and security policy? Geopolitical power balance? Are disruptive technologies taking the control away from democracies? What does this mean for our everyday life?