Veera Heinonen, Sitra
Digital age necessitates a reform of democracy

Summary The transformation of our knowledge and information environment has accelerated polarisation in society, eroding democracy worldwide. Moreover, the ownership of data and digital power have fallen almost exclusively into the hands of a few tech giants. The transformation of the information environment places liberal democracy under enormous pressure. Reform is called for, and everyone […]

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Thomas Hoyer
Minerals: Finland’s next Nokia?

Summary The global race is on for industrial raw materials, including metals. Materials are needed for high-tech equipment, batteries, cars, and various consumer goods. The green transition is dramatically increasing the demand for metals and minerals, driving competition for rare raw materials. China dominates the global trade in metals and minerals. COVID-19 disrupted global production […]

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The great technological promise of quantum computers

Summary Quantum computers are fantastically powerful computing devices that hold great promise. They enable fast drug discovery and simulation of various development paths for decision-making purposes in a way that is beyond the capabilities of standard computing. IQM is Europe’s largest developer, builder and supplier of quantum computing hardware. It uses technology based on superconducting […]

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